Animal Safety on Construction Projects

Animal Safety on Construction Project

At Brookstone, we know how much joy and love pets can bring! The last thing anyone wants, pet owners or contractors alike, are animals on-site that are unsafe, unhappy or feeling threatened during a renovation or remodel in their home. For this reason, we see the safety of your pets during a construction or restoration project as extremely important, along with the safety of our employees and each member of your family.

We put together some tips to ensure your pet is safe and comfortable during a project on your home. Remember, it's an adjustment for them as well!

  1. Give them a day out of the house - We know that this is not always an option but consider taking them with you as you run errands, arrange a playdate with a friend and their dog, or treat them to some time at the park! It can be distressing to your pet to be surrounded by the unfamiliar sights, sounds, and faces of construction. Sometimes just giving them some time out of the house can calm their nerves and help them to know that everything is going to be just fine.
  2. Consider kenneling them - If you need to leave your pet at home while we are working there, consider putting them in their kennel. If you are able to keep them in an area of the home that is removed from the construction area, they will feel less threatened and will also be safe from any potential hazards. With doors being constantly opened and closed as we bring materials in, we would hate to see your pet make a run for it! Believe it or not, we have had to chase dogs and cats down the street before – none of us want to see that happen again!
  3. Offer them some new toys - Your pet may need a distraction in the bustle of everything else going on. A simple new toy to play with or chew on can be a big help in keeping your pet calm and distracted from the unfamiliar sounds and smells around the house.
  4. Keep them out of the work zone, even after hours - We clean up our workspace at the end of each day, but there is still the chance that there would be hazards for your pet. Exposed wires, nails and other sharp objects, tools, wet paint, and other random equipment can easily pique their curiosity and leave you with an unwanted situation on your hands!

Our goal at Brookstone is your family's safety, health, and satisfaction from the beginning to the end of our time serving you. Thanks for helping us make this happen by caring for your pets as we care for your home!