SERVE Letter December 2021


With Brookstone's 10th anniversary just around the corner, we want to take the next few months to highlight some of our favorite and fondest memories. Last month we shared a life-saving moment, and next, we want to highlight a customer's experience while grieving the loss of their mother:

"When I arrived at Brookstone last Friday, I was ready for a confrontation with someone! Rachael diffused my anger and distress almost immediately with her care and concern for our feelings. She was so kind and obviously had our well-being at the top of her concerns. We read all the quotes and values written on your (Brookstone's) walls, and she was a living example of them. I don't know how to express to you how much she soothed our feelings, especially by showing that she truly cared. She and the others worked so hard and obviously valued our feelings and our grief, and they worked so hard physically to accommodate us in a difficult situation. Our timeline was short, and they worked like trojans to help us finish in a timely manner. Plus, every single time we asked a yes or no question of any of them, it was answered with a sincere "Yes ma'am" or "No ma'am." How refreshing that is to hear in this day and age!! Hardworking, polite, kind, considerate, and sincere; these are all qualities which I very much appreciate(d), and I will not hesitate to highly recommend your company if any opportunity appears."

—Mike Whitcomb 

Jim Kowalski on the Restoratoin Affiliates:

You've seen us mention being a member of Restoration Affiliates (RA), but maybe you haven't understood exactly who we are. Jim Kowalski does a great job explaining a bit about our mission and values on the #RestorationToday podcast, which was posted last month! Here is what they had to say about Jim and the RA organization.

"Jim Kowalski of Restoration Affiliates, LLC joins the show to talk about this amazing network of contractors that are teaming up to do hundreds of millions of dollars in restoration work every year. Amidst weekly M&A deal announcements, RA might be one of the industry's accidentally best-kept secrets for independent restoration companies." You can watch the full interview here


Are you looking for a job with an excellent company culture that focuses on upward mobility and challenges you to grow in your career? Then Brookstone Restoration is the perfect place for you to come and make a big difference in your community. We are a friendly, fast-growing, family-owned business. We offer a fun atmosphere with great benefits, competitive pay rates, as well as profit-sharing opportunities. Over the past 10 years Brookstone has received multiple National and local awards for customer satisfaction, as well as company performance and growth. Our company has expanded at a 30 percent-plus growth rate per year since being founded. Here at Brookstone, we help families and businesses through some of the most challenging times in their lives and strive to make these situations a little easier for them. In this organization, you will be making a big difference each and every day in your community. Check out our website here for positions we are always looking to fill with excellent candidates like you.