SERVE Letter January 2022


As we embark on the new year, there is no doubt the world as we knew it has changed forever. One thing that has not changed is customers' expectations of services rendered. As a service-oriented company, we are mindful of this and work to meet those expectations. One of our core values is to "Knock Their Socks Off." Experiencing a natural disaster is a traumatic event. At Brookstone, we strive to make sure that the process of putting a home or business back together is not a continuation of that trauma. Many successful companies have learned that you must give them a great experience to retain customers. Whether it is a hotel stay, buying shoes, groceries, or fast food, people return to places where they had a great experience with the service. Companies that achieve this are way ahead of their competition, which sets them apart. It is not easy and has to be done intentionally, but the reward is a delighted customer.

—Mike Whitcomb 

There's no question that lowering your thermostat in winter is an excellent way to save money on your heating bill. In fact, for most homeowners, it's clearly the best single way to lower heating costs. But it can be taken too far. Setting the thermostat too low or shutting off areas of the home entirely can lead to frozen water pipes, the repair for which can quickly eat up several years' worth of savings, not to mention the potentially huge costs of collateral damage from flooding. If the surprise cold fronts this winter cause any damage to your pipes or property, please give us a call. 1-800-699-1970.

At Brookstone, we are very passionate about the many non-profit organizations we work with. Most of the organizations we donate to and support every year deal with children. We believe that children are our future and need to be nurtured and guided toward the Lord. Please check out the "Our Purpose" page on our website and read about each non-profit. We would love for you to support them as well if you are able.