SERVE Letter May 2021

Over the past several years, Brookstone has participated in the Fox 6 Operation Room Retreat. This program gives back to our veterans, who have sacrificed so much alongside their families.  Each year a veteran is chosen, and we redo one of the rooms in their home. We always ask them to pick the room that means the most to their family. It is a three-day process with the big reveal on the Fox 6 morning news. The family is placed in a hotel while we go in with volunteers to complete the make-over. These veterans have been protecting our democracy and way of life, so this is a small way to thank them for their service. This project has always been a very meaningful time for our team and me to give back to men and women who we deeply respect for their sacrifice for our great country, the United States. Every year as a tribute to them, we post this billboard in Anniston, thanking them for their service. As our nation is currently divided as to where we are going politically, let’s not forget the men and women who have fought and died on our behalf.

—Mike Whitcomb 

Emergency Roof Tarping

One of the many services that Brookstone offers is our emergency board up & tarping. This service protects homes from unfortunate events, such as fallen trees, fire damage, hurricane winds, or similar types of damage. While roof tarping is simply a temporary solution and does not actually fix the problem, it can provide adequate protection to your home to prevent further damage from occurring in the meantime.

When you experience a roofing emergency, you need Brookstone on the scene fast to prevent damage from quickly escalating. Large, strong tarps are secured over the damaged area and nailed firmly to the roof framing or remaining shingles to avoid further damage to the roof. While getting the tarp off and fixing the underlying problem should be a main priority, roof tarping services can help get your home through bad weather or other delays. Depending on the type of insurance you have, emergency roof tarping services may also be required if you wish to make a claim later on. Click this link to contact us about tarping your roof.

Brookstone Restoration is a proud member of Contractor Connection, a Crawford Company. This organization provides each of its customers with a carefully matched contractor to fulfill their needs. They also fully credentials every contractor in their network and ensure each of its members have the proper licensing, insurance, and financial stability to sustain new customers.

Recently Brookstone was named as one of Contractor connection’s Top Performer’s for 2020! This award is based on overall excellence measured by overall POMS scores, estimated upload TIP, customer service scores, professionalism in communication, and cooperation. This is the fourth year that Brookstone has received this honor, and we pray our success continues.