SERVE Letter November 2021


With Brookstone's 10th anniversary just around the corner, we want to take the next few months to highlight some of our favorite and fondest memories. Last month we shared a review from Mrs. Fromme, a former customer, about our team members excelling on her home project. Next up, we want to highlight a life-changing moment from back in June:


'This past Friday, Tanner responded to a new loss. While he was onsite, someone in the home started to have a seizure. Tanner controlled the situation, called 911 for the homeowner, and helped support the person with the seizure until the paramedics arrived. When he went back to check on the job that Monday, they gave him a card and said they would not be here without him that day. Apparently, they had switched medication, and their blood pressure dropped due to it, and if Tanner was not there calling 911 and supporting them that day, the situation could have been a lot worse for this family. Thank you, Tanner, for carrying "serving our customer" to a new perspective!!!'

—Mike Whitcomb 

A somewhat new technology that Brookstone has begun using within the past year is the Matterport camera. This technology became available in 2014 as a solution for customers wanting to capture spaces in an immersive way. Today, Matterport is a 3D data platform trusted by thousands of businesses around the world to securely store and manage digital 3D copies of their customers properties. These real-world interactive versions help people to digitally access and analyze properties instead of in-person inspections.

What this new technology means for our customers is less interruptions by our team members while we work to restore your property. With these cameras we can see also ensure that every detail is accounted for in your estimate. We promise to take special care of your home and this technology makes that even easier and as stress free as possible.

Recently we took the time to acknowledge one of our local non-profit organizations, the Greater Birmingham Humane Society. We gathered pumpkins, candles, and yummy snacks and delivered this basket of fall goodies to their facility. We also got to give treats and head scratches to a few of the animals while we were there. This was all part of a campaign through our Restoration Affiliates group to encourage the non-profit workers in our community. Each of our Affiliates in different states delivered fall goody baskets to their local non-profits as well. We hope this little act of kindness brightened their day.