SERVE Letter November 2022


Our team here at Brookstone is one of the most critical aspects of the success of our company. They are our driving force and the face of our company. We are so proud of each and every one of our employees, so we want to take the time to highlight them here. Today we are highlighting Drew Jones, who has been with us for five years. He is so loyal and a great worker. Please enjoy getting to know Drew.

Employee Questionnaire:

What City and State did you grow up? Birmingham, AL

What is your position here at Brookstone, and how long have you been with us? I am the Business Development Manager and have been with Brookstone for five years. I started as a Project Manager in January 2018. I joined the business development team as the New Market Business Development Representative in Anniston, AL. In 2021 I joined the Estimating team for a while before being promoted to the role I am in now. Being in all of these roles has given me an excellent grasp of the company and all of Brookstone's different aspects.

Tell us about your family! I am the youngest of three boys. I married the love of my life Abby in August of this year, and we have a baby boy due in May.

What is your favorite Show, Book, or Movie? My favorite book is Of Mice and Men, my favorite show is Planet Earth, and my favorite movie is The Sand Lot.


—Rob and Andy Whitcomb 


If you don’t follow along with our social media channels, then you haven’t seen these amazing before and after photos. This large commercial fire happened at an apartment complex in Huntsville, AL. We have seen a recent uptick in fire losses, so we wanted to take this time to remind you to turn off your kitchen appliances, blow out your candles, and make smart decisions with your holiday decorations. Take a moment to view the rest of these before and afters, and give us a follow.


Reviews like this are what makes our job so rewarding. We love helping customers through some of the worst experiences you could imagine. We do everything from a massive commercial flood or fire to residential mold remediation. We are here to help restore your life and restore your property. Thank you, Wanda, for sharing your experience with our team.